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September 16, 2013
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Flyby by BlitzPony Flyby by BlitzPony
And art trade I did with a friend on facebook. :aww: Her cute ponies, Ellsie (Lightning Chaser) and Sapphire Dreams. I pooped the perspective a little but I have since got some tips to help with that. (Hopefully. pfff x3) I was fairly pleased with the colours this time around though.
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Nows thats an excellent piece right there. I dont even care if it OCs or not that is one hell of a piece, wanna know why? Well I'll tell you why, lol. 

First is the perspective, its low to the ground looking up, it makes for an interesting shot of the characters, you get a sky (beautiful btw) and its even low enough the get some tall grass in there, nice. Second the characters poses, thier great, you got some wind action going on, a bit of running/tromping through the grass, flying (you must know we love this by now lol), a nice head tilt on both (which totally works cuz thier looking at one another smiling, ;P ), and smiles (who doesn't love smiles, haha). Thirdly the characters design/style is a good one, you got the ears (btw are those trademarked yet xD ), the chest tuff fur thingy, colors that standout but not to much and they compliment the scenery/background, the manes aren't buzzzerk crazy but not plain from the show (or are they... meh good enough for me), and you got the chars overall expressions right (Ive seen artists break that before and way to often). Fourthly the backdrop/background/foreground (whatever), you got atmosphere, a sense of place, a setting, a mood, and its all adding to vibe the chars are giving off, which is cool. Fifthly the shading, you color refraction/reflection, a light source which has been used to right (dont get me started on whole mystical lighting thing ive seen), an early morning time of day (which compliments and adds a fresh vibe to the mix), and grass and clouds that look like they should be there (and their distinctly visible, you can make them out not as blobs!).

OK, now ego boosting compliments aside the one thing which isn't present is fine detail (which I would've loved to go off on in this piece but its not present), which might be a good thing givin the aesthetic style of the piece.

Over all I give this a... mmmm IGN score of 9.8/10. ;P
PonyMystic Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is a very pretty picture!! Love the shading!
Dragonking17 Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So beautiful ouo <3

I love Lightning Chaser, and seeing her here is just amazing o3o
I love her too. >u< <3
spittfireart Sep 17, 2013   Digital Artist
Very cute!
Aw thank you mega muchly!
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